The Perfect Pitch

It’s easy to overlook the importance of a good pitch. A pitch explains how your company can make a difference. It presents a new idea or a new way of looking at something. In essence, a pitch is the first impression of your business.

When making delivering your pitch your goal is to show a different way of doing things, to shake up the market, and explain it in a short and entertaining fashion. To deliver a good pitch you need to demonstrate a solid understanding of the market and how you can disrupt it.  It is important is to have a realistic plan.

Complexity in your concept is fine but, your pitch needs to show how your ideas come together practically. This includes everything from legal, financial, and operational plans.  At times it can seem hard to find the perfect balance of passion and pragmatism.  Here are 5 steps to making the perfect pitch:

1. Names – Introduce yourself and your company. Repeat your first name along with that of your company when wrapping up.

2. Geographical locations – Do you sell internationally or locally? Where are your products available?

3. Single focus – Rather than cluttering the conversation with a laundry list of services, mention one service.

4. Benefit statement – Who have you helped?

5. Tagline wrap-up – End with a clever summary of your service.



Maximum Productivity

With any business, whether it be big or small, productivity is the most important thing.  It’s no mystery, your level productivity separates you from the pack and there are three main factors that help maximize your company’s productivity.

The best way to run your company is to lead by example, therefore, the first factor is having  dynamic leadership.  Start out by creating a clear vision of your goals.  Take your time and identify short and long term goals.  Once you have identified the goals figure out the “how” of reaching your goals and delegate tasks to your staff.  Make sure your staff has been trained and given all of the resources for them to be successful.

You want to put your employees in a position of strength.  This brings us to our next important factor, having a competent team.  Hiring the right people can be challenging but it is always better to take your time when your in this process because it will pay off in the future.

The last key factor is having high personal productivity.  Work to build a “do it now” attitude within your company.  Procrastination can be the downfall of your business, so avoid it at all cost.

There is no substitute for hard work.  Maximum productivity is attained when working hard and working smart.


Google me! How to maximize your rankings

How do the little guys compete with big coorperations with huge ad bugets? Easy, get your business online. While the answer may be simple actually getting it in motion might have its challenges. After the changes made by Google with the addition to two new algorithms many companies are seeing a dramict drop off in there search results. Even SEO (search engine optimization) companies are having a tough time finding a method to the madness. Two factors that you should focus on when trying to optimize your search results are keywords and having good content. Continue reading

Work! Energy! Power!

Good afternoon readers!

I am coming to you live from the set of Office Space! Just kidding. But I am at work and lately I have noticed that my work environment is very similar to the movie Office Space. Don’t get me wrong I love my job and the people here are great. But on some days I feel like Milton. That feeling of no energy with a hint of powerlessness, is that really a word? Continue reading

Branding Your Business: Logos

From outrages billboards in Times Square to over sized banners in rural America we can see that branding never stops.  Major spending on prime time ads and a constant focus on social media updates confirm that for a company image is everything.  Making your business memorable is a constant work in progress.  Large companies invest an immense amount of time and effort into entire departments that focus exclusively on branding.  A brand can be rejuvenated by something as simple as a logo alteration, as we saw Starbucks go with a new look this past year.


Continue reading

Friendly Factor

It goes without say, the key to a successful business is creating a productive work environment.  In many cases we tend to overlook the “friendly-factor” and focus on spending to better our businesses.  However, the most cost effective way to increase  business productivity is by creating a positive and friendly culture within the work place.  Although the friendly-factor does not require a large investment and expense, it requires a lot of time and thoughtful consideration.

Keys to Creating a Productive Work Environment

Here are 5 steps that may help you create a productive work environment:

Step 1: Set the Tone – If you are the leader you must lead by example. Having a positive attitude has a domino effect. If one person takes the time and connects with their co-workers, employees, and/or clients the next person will feel as though they should return the favor. This chain reaction can be very powerful and can drastically effect the mood in a workplace. Continue reading